Tennis Party Game Coaster Sets

Tennis Party Game Coaster Sets


Add instant fun to your next cocktail party with these cheeky ice breakers…2-in-1 party games and coasters!

Get your guests giggling before the wine with Doubles Partner Pick-up Lines Coaster Set —featuring quips like “Do you play here often?” and “Is it hot in here or is it just your backhand?”. Or how about a challenging game of Who Said It? Quotes by Tennis Greats… For the competitive crowd, throw down the Do You Know the Rules? coasters, which will surely ignite ‘friendly’ banter.

These are perfect gifts for that tennis someone or the next hit at your cocktail party. Three unique coaster sets, each comes with 10 different coaster cards and a bonus “Wimbletini” collectible recipe.

Coaster Party Game Set:
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